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The Callan Method - Speaking Skills for Intermediate Level 1


Thorn Anna
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The Callan Method is a fast and very effective way to learn English as a foreign language. Suitable for all students, from beginner to advanced level, the Method is designed specifically to improve listening and speaking abilities in a lively and active environment.

Using its carefully designed materials, the Callan Method engages learners, developing in them the ability to understand and speak English instinctively, without first translating.

Created by Mr Callan in 1960, the Callan Method is fun, intensive and challenging. Each lesson, students are presented with new language to learn, while also benefiting from systematic revision that consolidates what they have already covered. The Method offers learners the vocabulary they need and practical grammar rules that help them to use the language properly.
The Callan Method involves constant speaking practice.Teacher correct all errors immediately, in a simple and effective manner, helping learners to identify and eradicate their mistakes permanently.
With its long record of achievement, the Callan Method is used successfully all over the world, helping many thousands of people every day to learn English quickly and efficiently. Its dynamic nature means lessons are absorbing, and its well-structured format means learning is both thorough and fast.
The Callan Method is fast, fun and effective!

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Thorn Anna

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